Multifunction Hydraulic Bus Bar Bender

  1. Multifunction Hydraulic Bus Bar Bender

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

This CL1 multifunction hydraulic bus bar bender possesses the item number of 06231. It is desirable for the copper or aluminum bus-bar' s horizontal bending, vertical bending, Z-shaped bending, cutting, and punching.

Our product is driven hydraulically, adopting integrated pump station. Additionally, it comes with the electric control, overloading, and security protection.

Main Specifications

Oil Pressure (MPa) Thrust (kN) Maximum Section Size of Aluminum and Copper (mm) Motor Power (kW) Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
16 200 125×12.5 1.5 675×670×1000 140

Standard configurations should be composed of a set of horizontal bending die (06231.1), vertical bending die (06231.2), Z-shaped bending die (06231.3), punching die (06231.4), and cutting die (06231.4).

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