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    1. Radial Locking Gripper This radial locking gripper is always found in the construction of OPGW. OPGW means the optical power ground wire. Our product adopts aluminum alloy material as its main body, which can effectively protect the OPGW. The diameter of OPGW had better be clearly indicated while an order is placed for the 20101 type product.
    1. Mesh Cable Sock Gripper This mesh cable sock gripper is used for the construction of ADSS and OPGW. ADSS means all-dielectric self-supporting optic fiber cable. OPGW refers to the optical power ground wire.
      Diameter of Applicable Fiber Optic Cable (mm) : Φ10-25
    1. Anti Twist Tension Stringing Tool Our anti twist tension stringing tool comes with two running boards. It is applicable to the construction of optical power ground wire abbreviated as OPGW. The gap of anti twist running board is 2m. This product is directly screwed on the OPGW. It can pass through the sheave groove with the diameter of 660mm.
    1. Self-Moving Traction Machine This ZZC350 type self-moving traction machine can be used to spread the optical power ground wire abbreviated as OPGW. Also, it is able to replace the old conductor.
      Diameter Range of Pulley (mm):Φ9-26
      Maximum Angle of Climb (°) :31
    1. Block Recover Damper Machine Item Number :20122
      Braking Force of Damper (N) :70
      Maximum Diameter Range of Pulley (mm) :Φ16
      Overall Dimension (mm) :285× 130× 231
    1. Cable Replacement Double Pulley Our cable replacement double pulley serves to replace the overhead ground wire by OPGW operation.
      Model :SH2-OPGW1
      Rated load (kN):2
      Dimension (mm) :152×110×343
    1. OPGW Cable Block This OPGW cable block is a straight-line pass type product. It is able to string a variety of fiber optic cable. Our product utilizes the nylon sheave with its diameter of 660mm. The bottom of wheel groove is equipped with a small cable slot.
    1. Quadrant Cable Block Our quadrant cable block is utilized to string the fiber optic cable with its diameter of less than 22mm. It is designed with four-wheel composite structure, featuring light weight and large radius of curvature.
      Model:SHZHD10; Curvature radius (mm) :R570
    1. Cable Blower Set This CLJ60S cable blower set possesses the item number of 20401. It is extensively used for the construction of long-distance communication cable. For blowing once, the length of cable generally ranges from 1000 to 2000 meters. The complete set is mainly composed of the cable blower, hydraulic pump station, airproof piston, cable seal ring, the sealing ring for plastic pipe, and other parts.
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