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    1. Earth Wire Self-Gripping Clamps Model: SKDZ-0.5
      Rated Load (kN) :5
      Applicable Stranded Wire : GJ10~25
    1. Flexible Wire Gripper Our flexible wire gripper can be used to firmly grip the copper core wire, the stranded wire, and some others.
    1. SKD Earth Wire Gripper This SKD earth wire gripper is applicable to the construction of various earth wires, such as the stranded wire or the aluminum-clad steel stranded wire. Our product adopts the alloy steel material, which is also strengthened through heat treatment. Its V shaped jaws can effectively avoid skidding.
    1. Dual Cam Earth Wire Gripper This dual cam earth wire gripper is applicable to the adjustment of stay wire as well as the tightening of earth wire. The stay wire serves to ensure the stability of overhead line structure.
    1. Steel Rope Gripper This SKG-N series steel rope gripper is suitable for gripping the anti-twist steel wire rope. It is equipped with the V shaped single jaw. Both side panels of our product bear the symmetric force. In this way, the weight can be effectively reduced.
    1. Round Steel Rope Gripper Our SKG series round steel rope gripper is suitable for round strand wire ropes. The compression nut must be tightened repeatedly to satisfy the specified torque.
    1. Anti-Twisting Steel Wire Rope Gripper This SKGF series anti-twisting steel wire rope gripper contains the compression nut which must be tightened repeatedly in order to meet the demands for the specified torque.
    1. Insulated Conductor Gripper Our insulated conductor gripper utilizes the serpentine and wavy jaw, which provides wonderful clamping effect and also effectively protects the insulation layer.
    1. Aluminum Alloy Conductor Gripper This aluminum alloy conductor gripper serves to adjust the sag and tighten the overhead line conductors. It is forged from high strength aluminum alloy material, which possesses small size and light weight.
    1. Radial Locking Clamp Our SK3035DP1 type radial locking clamp is applicable to the construction sites featuring high tension, long span, and large cross section of conductor. It can effectively protect the conducting wire from damage. The diameter of applicable conductor ranges from 30 to 35mm, which must be clearly indicated in the contract.
    1. Universal Gripper Usage: suitable for steel wire, aluminum wire, ACSR and insulated conductor
      Model:M2000; Rated load (kN) :20
      Applicable range (mm) : Φ4~22
    1. Bolt Type Stranded Wires Gripper Uses: round clipper gap,suitable for steel stranded wire and Al-clad steel stranded wire
      Notes: tighten compression nut reiteratively to satisfy the set torque.
      Model: SKG-4T ; Rated load (kN) :40
    1. Bolt Type Radial Locking Clamp Model SK3035DPI Bolt Type Radial Locking Clamp
      Uses :can be used in large section conductor and long span high tensioning construction occasion , protect conductor effectively
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