Hoisting Tackle

    1. Aluminum Alloy and MC Nylon Sheave Hoisting Tackle This aluminum alloy and MC nylon sheave hoisting tackle possesses light dead weight, which is equipped with the aluminum alloy side panel and the MC nylon sheave. This single sheave pulley block is the open type. Our product can be used for lifting heavy objects and other operations in the line construction.
    1. Iron Hoisting Block Our iron hoisting block is widely applicable to the erection of overhead line structures, lifting equipment, and other hoisting operations. This product is classified as hook style (G), ring style (H), or clevis style (B). Thus, the style our customer needs must be clearly indicated in the contract when the order is placed.
    1. Aluminum Hoisting Tackle Model: QH1GL-1
      Style: Single sheave, open, hook
      Rated Load (kN) :10
    1. Dual Sheave Hoisting Tackle This dual sheave hoisting tackle is divided into hook style (G) and ring style (H). Therefore, our customers must clearly explain their required style in the written contract. Moreover, our product has openings in both sides, thus providing convenience for assembling and disassembling the steel wire rope.
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