Cable Blower Set

This CLJ60S cable blower set possesses the item number of 20401. It is extensively used for the construction of long-distance communication cable. For blowing once, the length of cable generally ranges from 1000 to 2000 meters.

The complete set is mainly composed of the cable blower, hydraulic pump station, airproof piston, cable seal ring, the sealing ring for plastic pipe, and other parts. The air compressor which provides the set with compressed air should be purchased additionally by our users. Other basic configurations of our cable blower set include a set of GDJ150 pipeline sealing detection device, as well as a set of related sealing elements according to the specification of silicon core pipe and outer diameter of cable that our clients can designate.

Technical Parameter of Cable Blowing Machine

Item Number 20401
Maximum Conveying Force (n) 700 (consecutive adjustable )
Conveyor Speed (m/min) 8-80 (consecutive adjustable )
Diameter of Applicable Cable (mm) Φ10-24.3
Diameter of Applicable Silicon Core Pipe (outer diameter /inner diameter) (mm) Φ26/Φ32, Φ28/Φ34, Φ33/Φ40, Φ38/Φ46, Φ42/Φ50
Overall Dimension (mm): 1390× 700× 850
Weight (kg) 125
Air Displacement of the Matched Air Compressor (m3/min) Upwards of 10m3/min
Air Pressure of the Matched Air Compressor (MPa) Upwards 1MPa

Detailed Data of Hydraulic Pump Station

Maximum Oil Pressure (MPa) 15
Hydraulic Oil Flow (L/min) 10
Gasoline Engine (HP/rpm) 6/1800
Length of Rubber Hose (m) 5
Dimension (mm) 780× 470× 780
Weight (kg) 87.5
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