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    1. SA-YZ30A Hydraulic Tensioner Our SA-YZ30A Hydraulic Tensioner is an ideal product for releasing a variety of electric conductors and ground. Also, it is applicable for the tension stringing operation of both optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW)
    1. SA-YZ40A Hydraulic Tensioner Our SA-YZ40A Hydraulic Tensioner is suitable for the tension stringing operation of various steel wire ropes, conductors, and earth wires. Its bullwheel is lined with the abrasion resistant MC nylon material, and the groove spacing is ultra wide.
    1. SA-YZ2×35 Hydraulic Tensioner This SA-YZ2×35 Hydraulic Tensioner is able to string all sorts of conductors and ground wires. It can realize the constant-tension conductor stringing, because of the infinitely variable tension control.
    1. SA-YZ2×40B Hydraulic Tensioner Our SA-YZ2×40B Hydraulic Tensioner serves to string various types of conductors and earth wires. Either one-pull-one or one-pull-two is available.The infinitely variable tension control system allows this SA-YZ2×40B Hydraulic Tensioner to realize the constant-tension conductor stringing operation.
    1. SA-YZ2×55 Hydraulic Tensioner Our SA-YZ2×55 Hydraulic Tensioner is characterized by high reliability, safe operation, and superior quality. Its bullwheel is lined with abrasion resistant MC nylon material. With infinitely variable tension control system, this product can achieve the constant-tension stringing operation.
    1. SA-YZ2×70 / SA-YZ2×80 Hydraulic Tensioner This SA-YZ2×70 / SA-YZ2×80 Hydraulic Tensioner is designed with the spring applied hydraulically released multi-plate brake, which can work by itself to solve the hydraulic failure problem and better ensure the safe operation. Additionally
    1. SA-YZ2×90 Hydraulic Tensioner Our SA-YZ2×90 Hydraulic Tensioner is applicable for the tension stringing of diversified conductors and ground wires. It can achieve the constant-tension conductor stringing, due to the infinitely variable tension control.
    1. Winch Type Hydraulic Brake Tensioner This Winch Type Hydraulic Brake Tensioner prominently features light weight, which is especially convenient for construction in mountainous areas.
    1. SA-YQZ40/SA-YQZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner Our SA-YQZ40/SA-YQZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner provides dual function of pulling and tensioning conductors. It is particularly suitable for the replacement of existing power lines. Its bullwheel makes use of the wear-proof MC nylon lining segments.
    1. SA-YZ4×50 Hydraulic Tensioner Uses : it’s used for stringing various conductors and earth wires.suitable for stringing two bundle conductors or four bundle conductorsBull wheel with wearproof MC nylon lining segments. Infinitely variable tension control and constant tension conductor stringing .
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