Tightening Tool

    1. Withdrawing Wire Tool This withdrawing wire tool can be used in cooperation with the conductor gripper to tighten the conducting wire. Our product is designed with the friction structure, which is flexible and reliable to turn.
    1. Steel Double Hook Turnbuckle Our steel double hook turnbuckle plays a role in tightening the steel wire rope, stranded steel wire, and some others. This product from 14113 to 14116 can be also provided with the ring structure, which must be clearly indicated in the contract.
    1. Sleeve Type Double Hook Turnbuckle Model: SJST-1
      Rated Load (kN):10
      Max. Distance Between Centers (mm) :658
    1. Ratchet Tackle Block Our ratchet tackle block is always found in the line construction. It serves to tighten up the stranded steel wire, and aluminum stranded conductor, among others. The telescopic length reaches 1m.
    1. HSS Wire Rope Tackle Block Model :HSS408 HSS416 HSS432
      Rated Lifting Weight (kN) :8
      One Stroke (mm) :≥40
      Diameter of Steel Wire Rope (mm) :Φ8
    1. Hand Wrenching Chain Tackle Block Rated load (kN) :2.5
      Minimum distance between hooks(mm) :230
      Standard lifting height(m) :1.5
      Strands of load chain :1
    1. Stay Wire Slacking Rope Withdrawing Wire Tool Model:SJJ-1
      Rated load (kN) :8
      Specification :Number of teeth of ratchet is 18
      Weight (kg):1.7
    1. Manual Chain Hoist Rated load (kN) :5
      Minimum distance between hooks(mm):280
      Number of load chain :1
      Product weight with standard chain (kg) :10
    1. Ratchet Withdrawing Wire Tool Model: SJJ-1; Rated road (kN) :8 Specification : Number of teeth of ratchet is 18
      Model: SJJ-1A ; Rated road (kN) :8 Specification : Number of teeth of ratchet is 18
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