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    1. Portable Short Circuit Grounding Pole (Flat Clipper Jaws) This portable short circuit grounding pole is designed with flat clipper jaws. It is suitable for the copper and aluminum row bus-bar as well as the switch cabinet. The length of ground bar needs to be specified in the contract. The available specifications include 1m
    1. Short Circuit Portable Grounding Pole (Arc Opening) Our short circuit portable grounding pole possesses arc opening. It is desirable for electric transmission line. The available length of ground bar includes 1m, 2m, 3m, and 4m. Thus, it should be clearly written in the contract. The short-circuit earth wire and grounding pole (grounding end clip) are ordered additionally.
    1. Personal Safety Grounding Wire This personal safety grounding wire serves to protect operators from electric shock during the operation on power outage line. When applied to power distribution network, our product is able to prevent the invasion of unexpected power and ensure the security of operators. It is available in a variety of voltage classes, but this security wire is not allowed to replace the grounding wire for electrical inspection.
    1. Grounding and Short Circuit Wire Our grounding and short circuit wire serve to make the temporary short circuit or grounding occur when applied to the circuit or equipment without electricity. Our product is able to avoid the invasion of unexpected power as well as the damage to both operators and devices. In the contract, single phase or triple phase should be indicated. Also, the length must be clearly noted.
    1. Grounding Pole (Grounding End Clip) This grounding pole comes with the item number of 23051, and the grounding end clip has the item number of 23055. They can be used in cooperation with the portable short circuit grounding pole.
    1. Safety Harness Product name : Band safety belt; Load(kg) :100
      Product name : Double shoulder harness ; Load(kg) :100
    1. Road Isolation Fence This road isolation fence is applicable to the safety protection during the road construction.
      Item Number :23083
      Fence Length :(folded) 0.3m, (unfolded) 3.2m
      Weight :12 kg
    1. Road Safety Bollard Our road safety bollard possesses the item number 23091 and the height of 1m. It is frequently used to safeguard the scene. For use, this product should be matched with road safety belt.
      Item Number :23091; Height (m) :1
    1. Road Safety Belt Our road safety belt serves as the safety protection sign with the item number of 23095. It is woven from polyester.
      Item number:23091; Product name : Safety fence ;Remark: 1m height, use together with Red-white belt
    1. Road Barrier Cone Our road barrier cone is suitable for security protection in road construction. It makes use of the red engineering plastics with white stripe.
      Model: B type ; Height (mm) :500
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