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    1. Manual Drill Item number: 06151
      Uses: To drill the supplemental in erected tower overhead position.
      Weight (kg): 5
    1. Angle Iron Manual Drill Our angle iron manual drill is applicable to the overhead operation of drilling perforations while the tower is erected. Its matched drill bit requires to be bought additionally.
    1. Matched Drill Bit of Manual Angle Iron Drill Item Number :06181
      Diameter (mm) : Φ13.5
      Item Number :06182
      Diameter (mm) : Φ15.5
    1. Manual Puncher This manual puncher is adopted to punch a hole mechanically. It is characterized by compact structure, light weight, and convenient use. In addition, our product is packed in the iron sheet box.
    1. Hydraulic Puncher This YC300 type hydraulic puncher comes with the item number of 06201. In accordance with different diameters, its punching specification is divided into 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm. The allowable thickness of aluminum and copper bus-bar is no more than 12.5, and the thickness of Q235 steel plate reaches at most 10mm.
    1. Hydraulic Bus Bar Bender Our YMW-120× 10 hydraulic bus bar bender is commonly used for the horizontal or vertical bending of copper or aluminum bus-bar. Our customer is required to purchase the manual pump additionally with the item number of 16162 or 16163.
    1. Hydraulic Punch Driver Model:SYK-8
      Punching Force(kN) :100
      Punching range(mm) :Φ22.5-Φ61.5
    1. Hydraulic Busbar Bender Model :PLW-125 OKX-201
      Max.size of copper busbar(mm) :Thickness 10× Width 125
      Angle of bend ( °) :0-90
    1. Portable Hydraulic Bus-bar Bender Model:CB-150D
      Max. size of copper busbar (mm) :Thickness 10× Width 150
      Bending force(kN):160
    1. Portable Hydraulic Bus-bar Cutter Model:CWC-150V
      Max.size of copper busbar(mm) :Thickness 10× Width 150
      Cutting force(kN):160
    1. Multifunction Busbar Bender Model :CL2A
      Drive mode :Mechanical
      Applicable size of copper busbar(mm)(mm) :≤125×12.5
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