1. Diesel Engine Powered Winch This diesel engine powered winch is mostly used in the line construction for erecting pylon and sagging operation.
      Model: JJC-30
      Diesel Power (hp):4
    1. Gasoline Engine Powered Winch Our gasoline engine powered winch plays a vital role in the pylon erecting and sagging operation in line construction.
      Model: JJQ-30-B
      Power (kW) :5.5
    1. Electric Winch This electric winch can be widely found in the line construction, which is mainly used for erecting pylon and sagging operation. Its power is 380V AC. Moreover, this product requires a grounding device. It is not adaptable to the rainy days.
    1. Three Ton Dual Bull Wheel Powered Winch This three ton dual bull wheel powered winch can be not only applied to the erecting of pole pylon and the laying of cables, but also used for hoisting the mechanical equipment as well as hauling and stringing the conductors.
    1. Five Ton Dual Bull Wheel Powered Winch Our five ton dual bull wheel powered winch offers wide applications. For instance, it can hoist the mechanical equipment sets or erect the pole pylon. Also, it is able to haul and string the conductors. This product can be applied in posts and telecommunications
    1. Hand Crank Winch Our SJ5 type hand crank winch can utilize a drum as its reel stand. This drum can accommodate the steel wire rope with diameter of 6.2mm and length of 15m.
      Model :SJB ; Rated Traction Force (kN) :5
    1. Hand Turned Winch This hand turned winch is usually fixed on the ground. The winch handspike is pushed manually.
      Model: LJS-10
      Rated Load (kN) :10
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