Ground Anchor

Our SDM series ground anchor is a tool for temporary anchorage during the transmission line construction. It serves to fix the winch, puller tensioner, turning block, and the temporary guy wire, among others.

This product is designed with the steel plate welded structure. Its surface is coated with the antirust paint, thus offering high durability.


Item Number Model Allowable Pulling Force (kN) Effective Depth (mm) Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
02121 SDM5 50 1.8 900 270 180 φ28 30
02122 SDM10 100 2.0 1200 290 220 φ36 52

When in use, our product will be firstly buried under a certain depth of ground anchor pit. Next, the stranded wire or steel wire rope fixed on this product will be obliquely led out from the pre-dug riding track. After the hole is filled with soil and then the soil is tamped down, this product can bear the load.

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