Aluminum Alloy Ladder

This aluminum alloy ladder is light, handy, and easily portable. It is equipped with the hook, the D shaped anti-skid ladder rung, as well as the anti-skid tape of telegraph pole.

Main Specifications

Item Number Model Full Length (mm) Contraction Length (mm) Bearing Weight (kg) Dead Weight (kg)
22245A LGS-25 2500 150 5.0
22245B LGS-30 3000 5.5
22245C LGS-35 3500 6.1
22245D LGS-40 4000 6.6
22246A LGS-40 4000 2700 13
22246B LGS-50 5000 3700 15
22246C LGS-60 6000 3900 18
22246D LGS-70 7000 4200 20

1. Firstly, the metal ladder is conductive, so the live working is prohibited.
2. Each component should be checked in advance to know whether it is in good condition.
3. Our aluminum alloy ladder must not be used on the soft, rough or sloping ground, or the ground with steps.
4. While climbing, our user should face to the ladder and tightly hold the ladder pole.
5. Our user must not stretch his body excessively or force himself to work, so that the unsteady center of gravity causing accidents can be effectively prevented.
6. When our user climbs with their objects, overweight should be avoided.
7. If the ladder is not high enough, our user can not connect our product with long ladder legs for use by himself.

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