Personal Safety Grounding Wire

This personal safety grounding wire serves to protect operators from electric shock during the operation on power outage line. When applied to power distribution network, our product is able to prevent the invasion of unexpected power and ensure the security of operators. It is available in a variety of voltage classes, but this security wire is not allowed to replace the grounding wire for electrical inspection.

There is no need to hold the clip to clamp the conductor by hand. Actually, a nylon rope can be used to make the clip be hung down to the conductor. Then, the conductor can be clamped automatically. It is also convenient to dismantle our personal safety grounding wire.


Item Number Type Section Area of Earth Wire (mm2) Number of Wire Clamp (pcs) Length of Earth Wire (m)
23021 Triple phase 16 3+1 3×0.9+0.9
23031 Single phase 25 1+1 3
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