SA-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller

Item Number: 07061

Our SA-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller features high-security operation, especially when a hydraulic failure occurs resulted from the sudden flameout of motor or other reasons. This is because the spring applied hydraulically released brake can act automatically.

Another striking characteristic lies in its hydraulic type rope clamping device. Owing to it, the steel wire rope reel can be replaced conveniently. With the steel wire rope automatically winding device, our puller is able to arrange the rope by itself as well as load and unload easily.

This SA-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller possesses the overload automatic protection function, so our users can preset the maximum traction force for conductor-stringing operation at random. Both traction force and pulling speed are steplessly adjustable. The pull in the rope can be clearly displayed on the line pull gauge.

Main Specifications

Model SA-YQ220 Hydraulic Puller
Maximum Traction Force (kN) 220
Continuous Tractive Effort (kN) 180
Maximum Pulling Speed (km/h) 5
Bullwheel Bottom of Groove Diameter (mm) Φ760
Number of Bullwheel Grooves 10
Maximum Diameter of Suitable Steel Rope (mm) Φ30
Maximum Through Connector Diameter (mm) Φ75
Engine Power / Speed (kW/rpm) 243/2100
Dimensions (mm) 5700× 2300× 2600
Weight (kg) 8000

Main Components

Engine Cummins (USA) water-cooled diesel engine
Main Variable Displacement Pump, Main Motor Rexroth (BOSCH)
Reducer Rexroth (BOSCH)
Main Hydraulic Valves Rexroth (BOSCH)
Radiator AKG
Hydraulic Instrument WIKA
Suitable Drum Model GSP1600 (Item number: 07125D)
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