SA-YQ300 Hydraulic Puller

Item Number: 07071

Our SA-YQ300 Hydraulic Puller is equipped with a powerful electronic control engine. Its engine fully meets the current Tier 3/Stage Ⅲ emissions regulations of Europe non-road mobile machinery.

In use of this product, both traction force and pulling speed are infinitely variable. Users can visually read the pull in the rope from the line pull gauge. The maximum traction force for conductor-stringing operation can be preset by our users. Also, our product is designed with the overload automatic protection system.

Even if the motor suddenly flames out, or other reasons give rise to the hydraulic failure, our SA-YQ300 Hydraulic Puller will still run safely, due to the automatic braking function. The hydraulic pullrope pinch device is adopted to replace the reel easily. The steel wire rope automatically winding device is utilized for the convenience of arranging the rope as well as loading and unloading.

Main Technical Parameters

Model SA-YQ300 Hydraulic Puller
Maximum Traction Force (kN) 300
Continuous Tractive Effort (kN) 250
Maximum Pulling Speed (km/h) 5
Bullwheel Bottom of Groove Diameter (mm) Φ960
Number of Bullwheel Grooves 10
Maximum Diameter of Suitable Steel Rope (mm) Φ38
Maximum Through Connector Diameter (mm) Φ95
Engine Power / Speed (kW/rpm) 298/2100
Dimensions (mm) 5780×2350×2820
Weight (kg) 11500

Main Components

Engine Cummins (USA) water-cooled diesel engine
Main Variable Displacement Pump, Main Motor Rexroth (BOSCH)
Reducer RR (Italian)
Main Hydraulic Valves Rexroth (BOSCH)
Radiator AKG
Hydraulic Instrument WIKA
Suitable Drum Model GSP1900 (Item number: 07125E)
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