SA-YZ30A Hydraulic Tensioner

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Item Number: 07155

Our SA-YZ30A Hydraulic Tensioner is an ideal product for releasing a variety of electric conductors and ground. Also, it is applicable for the tension stringing operation of both optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) and all-dielectric self-supporting optic fiber cable (ADSS).

The bullwheel of our SA-YZ30A Hydraulic Tensioner adopts the wear resistant MC nylon lining segments. In addition, the infinitely variable pay-off tension can make the constant tension stringing come true. In case of hydraulic failure, the spring applied hydraulically released multi-plate brake can work automatically to ensure the safe operation.

Main Specifications

Model SA-YZ30 Hydraulic Tensioner
Maximum Tension (kN) 30
Continuous Tension (kN) 25
Maximum Speed (km/h) 5
Bullwheel Bottom of Groove Diameter (mm) Φ1200
Number of Grooves 5
Maximum Pullback (kN) 20
Maximum Diameter of Suitable Conductor (mm) Φ32
Engine Power / Speed (kW/rpm) 11/2200
Dimensions (mm) 3560 × 1600 × 2220
Weight (kg) 1700

Main Components

Engine Chinese top-brand water-cooled diesel engine
Main Pump/Motor Chinese famous-brand pump and motor
Reducer RR (Italian)
Radiator AKG
Hydraulic Instrument WIKA
Option Imported engine (Product Model: SA-YZ30B, Item number: 07156)
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