SA-YQZ40/SA-YQZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner

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Our SA-YQZ40/SA-YQZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner provides dual function of pulling and tensioning conductors. It is particularly suitable for the replacement of existing power lines. Its bullwheel makes use of the wear-proof MC nylon lining segments.

Additionally, this product is unique in its closed type hydraulic circuit and bi-directional variable plunger pump, providing the infinitely variable tension force control. Main configurations of this product include the Rexroth pump and motor, Italian RR reducer, as well as the model C attached reel winder.

Our SA-YQZ40/SA-YQZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner also comes with the spring applied hydraulically released brake, featuring high reliability and easy operation. With hydraulic power output interface, this product can be used together with the model DW2240A hydraulic conductor reel stand or others.

Product Table

Order Number 07223 07224 07228
Maximum Traction Force / Tension (kN) 40/40 40/40 60/60
Continuous Traction Force / Tension (kN) 35/35 35/35 55/55
Max. Pulling / Releasing Linespeed (km/h) 5/5 5/5 5/5
Bullwheel Bottom of Groove Diameter (mm) Φ1200 Φ1200 φ1500
Number of Bullwheel Grooves 5 5 6
Max. Diameter of Suitable Rope (mm) Φ32 Φ32 Φ40
Engine Model Deutz F4L912(Germany ) Cummins 4BT3.9 (DongFeng) Deutz BF4L91 4 (Germany )
Power (kW) 51 60 82.5
Speed (rpm) 2500 2000 2500
Weight (kg) 3600 3200 4800
Dimensions (mm) 4170×1850×2400 3600×1850×2400 5520 × 1890 × 2400

Main Components

Main Hydraulic Valve Rexroth
Radiator AKG
Hydraulic Instrument WIKA
Suitable Reel GSP1400 (Item Number: 07125C)

1.Bull wheel with wearproof MC nylon lining segment
2.Closed hydraulic circuit and bi-directional variant plunger pump .infinitely variable pull/tension control
3.Rexroth pump and motor, Italian RR reducer ,model C attached reel winder .
4.Spring applied hydraulic released brake, overload protection is on the safe side and easy operation.
5.There is a hydraulic circuit for drive ,matched reel stand DW2240 A

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