Tractor Puller

Our tractor puller adopts self driving way, which is mostly applied in stringing works. It is suitable for pulling, assembling and tensioning of overhead conductor and OPGW. This machine is a modified product, which comes from the 300 type tractor. It is small and exquisite, providing great mobility and reliable braking.

This tractor puller is adaptable to two types of tractors. The 284 type tractor comes with the four-wheel system. Its engine power is 20.6kW/2200rpm. The item number is 08124. The 304 type also adopts the four-wheel system. Its engine power reaches up to 23.5kW/2350rpm. The item number is 08125.

Main Specifications

Item Number 08123
Model SX4-Ⅵ
Engine Power (kW/rpm) 20.6/2200
Bottom Diameter of Drum Groove (mm) Φ300
Max. Diameter of Steel Wire Rope (mm) Φ14
Max. Traveling Speed (km/h) 22
Overall Dimension (mm) 2600×1600×1900
Weight (kg) 1450
Gears Reverse
Traction Force
40 30 20 -
Pulling Speed
715 1275 2270 650

1. Thanks to the 4 wheels drive system with mountain drive tires, this tractor puller can travel anywhere even on the mountain or swamp.
2. Inside our machine, the running part is separated from the winch part, thus making the capstan directly work with no need for dismounting the tire. In this way, the working efficiency of this machine can be also highly raised.
3. The capstan of our equipment is made larger than before. Due to the friction reduction, the damages of both capstan and wire rope can be greatly reduced. Additionally, the improved gearbox makes no pushing effect when the capstan rotates reversely.
4. This tractor puller possesses light weight and slimy surface which touches with both conductor and wire. Its wheel is optional and well designed. In use of our product, the waste conductor or wire can be easily recycled.

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