Take-Up Reel and Carriage

Our take-up reel and carriage always act as a separated winding system. It can be used in cooperation with any hydraulic power unit, especially with versatile SA-YQZ40/SA-YQZ60 Hydraulic Puller Tensioner. The oil pipe to be connected possesses the length of 15m.

The take-up reel and carriage are fitted with the automatic level wind as well as the negative self-acting hydraulic brake. The frame of our product is formed by welded steel, which also has a protective coating. By adopting the hydraulic jacks powered by the same hydraulic source, our carriage is able to lift the reel. The machine is directly driven by the hydraulic motor. Under the action of spring, the multi-plate brake is hydraulically started.

In addition, the GSP1400 steel wire rope reel used as supporting equipment needs to be ordered separately. Its item number is 07125C.

Main Specifications

Item Number 08181
Max. Pulling Speed of Tractor (m/min) 80
Max. Tension Force of Steel Wire Rope (N) 1000
Rated Tension Force of Steel Wire Rope (N) 750
Rope Capacity (m) 1000 (Φ15mm steel wire rope)
Overall Dimension (m) 2.82×1.33×0.7
Weight (kg) 470
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