Five Ton Dual Bull Wheel Powered Winch

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Our five ton dual bull wheel powered winch offers wide applications. For instance, it can hoist the mechanical equipment sets or erect the pole pylon. Also, it is able to haul and string the conductors. This product can be applied in posts and telecommunications, as well as electric power lines. For convenient transportation, the whole machine is mounted on a framework with wheel hub.

Technical Parameters

Item Number 09162
Model JJCS-50T
Engine Model S195G
Power (kW) 9
Speed (rpm) 2000
Traction Force (kN)/Pulling Speed (rpm) I.III 50/3.1.40/9.6
II.V 45/7.1.17/22.3
IV.VI 33/11.3.10/35.6
Reverse -/7.35
Diameter of Drum Bottom (mm) Φ300
Form of Wire Winding Manual
Weight (kg) 700
Overall Dimension (mm) 2230×1210×1135
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