1040mm Large Diameter Stringing Block

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This 1040mm Large Diameter Stringing Block has the conductor diameter of no more than LGJ1120. That is to say, the aluminum of this conducting wire can possess the maximum cross section of 1120 square millimeters. The block dimension (outside diameter*root diameter*sheave width) is Φ1040×Φ900× 125 (mm).

Main Specifications

Item Number Model Number of Sheave Rated Load (kN) Weight (kg) Features
10165 SHDN1040 1 50 60 MC nylon sheave
10166 SHSQN1040 3 105 200 Middle: MC nylon sheave Conductor: rubber coated nylon sheave
10167 SHWQN1040 5 180 330

The rubber lined MC nylon sheave are completely lined,half lined sheave can be customized

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