Grounding Roller Stringing Block

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Our grounding roller stringing block serves to release the induced current of the conducting wire into earth when applied to conductor stringing construction. Our users can see Large Diameter Stringing Block for other parameters about the block. Also, customers can order other large diameter stringing blocks with grounding roller. Just adding the postfix 'D' to the model of block is enough.

Technical Parameters

Item number Model Outside diameter of sheave (mm) Sheave number
10301 SHD508D Φ508×75 1
10302 SHS508D 3
10303 SHW508D 5
10311 SHD660D Φ660×100 1
10312 SHS660D 3
10313 SHW660D 5
10136-1 SHDN822D Φ822×110 1
10316-3 SHSQN822D 3
10316-5 SHWQN822D 5
10316 SHDN916D Φ916×110 1
10317 SHSQN916D 3
10318 SHWQN916D 5
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