Integrated Reel Stand With Disc Tension Brake

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This integrated reel stand with disc tension brake can support the reel when applied to tension stringing or mechanical traction wire-laying. Also, it can be used for the braking of reel. For easy transportation, this product can be disassembled into three parts. Our SIPZ-7 type product is designed with the double disc brake structure.

Detailed Data

Item Number 15141 15142 15143
Applicable Reel Diameter of Coil (mm) Φ900~1600 Φ1600~2400 Φ1800~2500
Width of Coil (mm) ≤1350 ≤1350 ≤1700
Diameter of Axle Hole (mm) Φ65-100 Φ65-100 Φ120
Maximum Weight (kg) 3000 5000 7000
Braking Torque (N·m) 1000 1000 2000
Pay-off Speed (m/min) 80 80 80
Weight (kg) 200 215 480
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