Conductor Reel Stands

Hydraulic Conductor Reel Stands

Item number 15151 15152 15153
Model DW2240A SIPZ-7H SIPZ-7K
Applicable reel Diameter of coil (mm) Φ1250~2240 Φ1250~2500 Φ1800~2800
Max width of coil (mm) 1400 1400 1700
Diameter of axle hole (mm) Φ80-125 Φ80-125 Φ80-160
Maximum weight (kg) 5000 7000 8000
Max working torque (N.m) 1200 2000 2500
Max Speed (rpm) 45 45 45
Axle diameter Φ76 Φ76 Φ69
Weight (kg) 270 350 350
Length of hydraulic tube 13 13 13

Notes: Connect with hydraulic tensioner or hydraulic puller tensioner throught quick coupling

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