A-Shape Tubular Gin Pole

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Our A-shape tubular gin pole serves to erect a small single pole as a whole or hoist moderate weight of components during the construction of transmission and distribution lines. Its head is classified as three types for option, including upending style, fixed style, and upending-fixed style. It might as well be specified while an order is placed. The safety factor of our product is 2.5.

Uses: to set up a small gin pole as a whole or hoist commonly heavy components
1. Use high strength aluminum alloy tube as main materials,steel parts are galvanized.
2. Two kinds of head are optional: "upending style", "fixed style", please specify when placing orders.
3. The safety factor is 2.5

Main Specifications

Item Number Model Base Stroke(m)/Allowable Vertical Load (kN) Weight (kg/m)
03301 LBGR100A-6 2.1/18 5.5
03302 LBGR100A-7 2.4/13
03303 LBGR100A-8 2.8/10
03311 LBGR120A-6 2.1/30 7.5
03312 LBGR120A-7 2.4/26
03313 LBGR120A-8 2.8/21
03314 LBGR120A-9 3.1/17
03321 LBGR150A-8 2.8/31 8
03322 LBGR150A-9 3.1/28
03323 LBGR150A-10 3.5/24
03324 LBGR150A-11 3.8/20
03325 LBGR150A-12 4.2/16
03326 LBGR150A-13 4.5/13
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