Hydraulic Puncher

This YC300 type hydraulic puncher comes with the item number of 06201. In accordance with different diameters, its punching specification is divided into 13mm, 15mm, 17mm, 19mm, and 21mm. The allowable thickness of aluminum and copper bus-bar is no more than 12.5, and the thickness of Q235 steel plate reaches at most 10mm.

Our hydraulic puncher is packed in the BOX1 type iron sheet box. Its matched manual pump needs to be purchased additionally with the item number of 16162 or 16163.

Technical Parameters

Item Number 06201
Punching Specification (mm) Φ13, Φ15, Φ17, Φ19, Φ21
Throat Diameter (mm) 70
Oil Pressure (MPa) 63
Rated Output Force (kN) 300
Allowable Thickness (mm) Aluminum and copper bus-bar δ ≤ 12.5 Q235 steel plate δ ≤ 10
Weight (kg) 17
Packing Case BOX1 iron sheet box
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