Dual Sheave Hoisting Tackle

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This dual sheave hoisting tackle is divided into hook style (G) and ring style (H). Therefore, our customers must clearly explain their required style in the written contract. Moreover, our product has openings in both sides, thus providing convenience for assembling and disassembling the steel wire rope.

Detailed Data

Item Number Model Rated Load (kN) Diameter of Rope (mm) Weight (kg) Hook Style Ring Style
11281 QHS2-3 30 ≤Φ9.3 6.3 G H
11282 QHS2-5 50 ≤Φ11 11 G H
11283 QHS2-8 80 ≤Φ13 16 G H
11284 QHS2-10 100 ≤Φ13 18 G H
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