Cable Feeder

This cable feeder is used for stringing the large diameter of electric power cable and communication cable. If the core grinding is required, it should be indicated in the contract.

Uses: to string large diameter electric power cable and communication cable.
1. Please writie in contract clearly if need to purchase winch.
2. Each cable feeder including a cable reel and sub-control box, the cable reel can packaging 70m cable.
3. The control box is free if the quantity you purchase over 6 sets

Technical Parameters

Item Number Diameter of Suitable Cable (mm) Pulling Force (kN) / Speed (m/min) Motor Power (kW) Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg) Remark
21102 Φ60-Φ140 5/6.5 1.5 948×470×542 203 Updown Configuration crawler
21103B Φ40-Φ150 5/6.5 2*0.55 900×617×452 190 Right and left Configuration crawler
21105 Φ40-Φ130 5/6.5 1.5 1060×437×690 148 V type configuration crawler
21106 Φ50-Φ200 8/6.5 2*0.75 1000×657×464 220 Right and left Configuration crawler
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