Electric Winch

This electric winch serves to lay the cable, mainly applicable to the tray, pipe, and underground. By introducing the REXNORD SK4 bevel gear reducer and the integrated brake motor, our product possesses super light weight. For convenient operation, both model DJ10 and model DJS10 products come with the tail-rope gripping device.

Main Specifications

Item Number 21126 21127 21128
Name Electric winch Dual-drum electric winch Multi-function electric winch
Model DJ10 DJS10 DJD10
Pulling Force (kN) 12.8 12.8 6.5 12
Hauling Speed (m/min) 7 7 14 7
Diameter of Groove Bottom (mm) Φ128 Φ128 Φ256 Φ128
Maximum Diameter of Steel Rope (mm) Φ10 wire rope Φ10 wire rope Φ10 fiber rope Φ14 fiber rope /Φ10 steel rope
Power (kW) 1.5 1.5 1.5
Dimension (mm) 820×420×400 820×420×400 820×600×1200
Weight (kg) 79 90 126

1. If our customers adopt their own generator for power supply, the power of generator should be no less than 3kW.
2. In line with the standard, the model DJD10 multifunction electric winch is equipped with three kinds of orifice guide sleeve. It is adaptable to the cable orifice with such diameters as 100mm, 90mm, and 65mm. Also, it can accord with the requirement of our clients to configure the orifice guide sleeve.

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