Insulated Conductor Gripper

Our insulated conductor gripper utilizes the serpentine and wavy jaw, which provides wonderful clamping effect and also effectively protects the insulation layer.

Main Specifications

Item number Model Rated load (kN) Diameter of applicable wire (mm) Maximum gap (mm) Weight (kg) Remark
13182 SKJL-0.5 5 Φ6~Φ10 12 1.0 Aluminium alloy
13192 SKJL-1 10 Φ10~Φ14 15 1.4 Aluminium alloy
13202 SKJL-1.5 15 Φ14~Φ20 22 3 Aluminium alloy
13212 SKJL-2 20 Φ20~Φ25 27 4.0 Aluminium alloy
13213 SKJLA-2 20 Φ25~Φ29 31 4.0 Aluminium alloy
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