Steel Rope Gripper

This SKG-N series steel rope gripper is suitable for gripping the anti-twist steel wire rope. It is equipped with the V shaped single jaw. Both side panels of our product bear the symmetric force. In this way, the weight can be effectively reduced. When the order is placed, the detailed specifications about the anti-twist steel wire rope should be clearly indicated.

Technical Parameters

Item Number Model Rated L oad (kN) Applicable Wire Rope (mm) Weight (kg)
13154 SKG30N 30 Φ9~11 4.6
13155 SKG50N 50 Φ11~15 6.5
13156 SKG70N 70 Φ16~18 8.5
13157 SKG120N 120 Φ19~21 or Φ22~24 13.6
13158 SKG200N 200 Φ26~30 32.5
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