Mesh Sock Grip

This mesh sock grip is used for connecting or gripping a variety of aluminum conductor steel reinforced when the wires are released. It is able to pass through all kinds of stringing block and tension wheel.

Detailed Data

Item number Model Applicable conductor Load(kN)
Single head Double head Rated Breaking
17161 SLW-1.5 ACSR70-95 15 30
17162 17182 SLW(S)-2 ACSR120-150 20 40
17163 17183 SLW(S)-2.5 ACSR185-240 25 50
17164 17184 SLW(S)-3 ACSR300-400 30 60
17165 17185 SLW(S)-4 ACSR500-630 40 80
17166 17186 SLW(S)-5 ACSR720 50 125

Uses: To connect and grip various steel core aluminium stranded wires in releasing wires and can pass through various releasing wire block and tensioning wheel

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