Earth Wire Splice Protection Sleeve

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Main Specifications

Item Number Model Main Dimension (mm) Applicable Earth Wire
D L d L1
17213 J55G Φ30 450 Φ24 280 GJ50, GJ55
17214 J70G Φ30 510 Φ24 340 JLB65, GJ70
17215 J80G Φ34 510 Φ27 340 GJ80
17216 J95G Φ34 585 Φ27 415 JLB95
17217 J100G Φ38 590 Φ28 390 LGJ50/30, GJ100
17218 J120G Φ40 660 Φ30 440 GJ120, JLB120
17219 J150G Φ45 850 Φ37 530 GJ150, LGJ70/40, LGJ95/55

The requirement for different sizes should be indicated in the contract.

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