ACSR Splice Protection Sleeve

This ACSR splice protection sleeve is applicable to the crimp tube, which complies with the DL/T758-2001 standard of splicing fittings adopting hydraulic lap joint. If the size of crimp tube is different from the standard, the dimension of splicing sleeve should be indicated in the contract.

Main Specifications

Item Number Model Main Dimension (mm) Applicable Conductor (Max.)
D L d L1
17201 J240B Φ45 850 Φ38 530 LGJ240/55
17202 J300B Φ51 940 Φ43 600 LGJ300/50
17203 J400B Φ57 995 Φ47 655 LGJ400/50
17204 J500B Φ68 1080 Φ56 740 LGJ500/65
17205 J630B Φ83 1180 Φ63 800 LGJ630/55
17206 J720B Φ83 1196 Φ63 816 LGJ720/50
17207 J900B Φ89 1180 Φ73 800 LGJ900/75
10208 J1000B Φ95 1400 Φ75 1020 LGJ1000/80
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