Cable Reel Stand

Our cable reel stand functions as an important support during the construction of large sized cable reel.

Detailed Data

Item Number 21341 21342 21343
Model SI12 DL120 DL200
Maximum Weight of Applicable Cable Reel (t) 12 20
Diameter of Applicable Cable Reel (mm) Φ2700~Φ3200 Φ1600~Φ3200 Φ2000~Φ4000
Maximum Width of Cable Reel (mm) 2500 2500 2500
Diameter of Axle Hole of Reel (mm) Φ125~Φ200 Φ160~Φ200
Weight (kg) 365 403 670
Maximum Weight of Single Stand (kg) 153 153 230
Jacking and Positioning Method Hydraulic jacking screw positioning Hydraulic jacking bolt positioning Hydraulic jacking and positioning
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