Cable Reel Trailer

This cable reel trailer is primarily used for short-distance transportation. Also, it can function as the pay-out stand during the reel construction. The maximum speed for towing a trailer can reach 15km/h.

The 21142 type product is designed with the integral rotary structure, while others possess the up-down structure operated by hydraulic cylinder. Furthermore, the 21154 type makes use of the two-tire configuration. Its trailer structure can be disassembled for convenient transportation.

Detailed Data

Item Number Model Applicable Reel Diameter of Axle (mm) Overall Dimensions (mm) Weight (kg)
Width (mm) Diameter (mm) Weight (kg)
21152 DLG4 1500 Φ2400 4000 Φ65 3645×2500×1500 800
21153 DLG8A 1600 Φ3200 8000 Φ89 4560×2708×1857 1200
21154 DLG12 2360 Φ3600 12000 Φ95 6000×3370×2770 2500
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