Cable Sock Joints

Our cable sock joints are commonly used for stringing the electric power cable, communication cable, as well as fiber optic cable.

Technical Parameters

Item Number Model Diameter of Suitable Cable (mm) Rated Load (kN)
21361 SLW16 Φ12~16 8
21362 SLW20 Φ16~20 10
21363 SLW25 Φ20~25 12
21364 SLW37 Φ25~37 18
21365 SLW50 Φ37~50 28
21366 SLW60 Φ50~60 15
21367 SLW80 Φ60~80 20
21368 SLW100 Φ80~100 25
21369 SLW120 Φ100~120 30
21370 SLW150 Φ120~150 30
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