Reel Rotator Platform

Our HZT series reel rotator platform always functions as the cable reel spreading device. It can be applied to the cable laying construction in electric power, communication, and other relevant industries. This product is basically composed of the turntable, roller, roller axis, as well as the locking fixture. The roller is internally equipped with rolling bearing. While rotating, the reel is really flexible.

Technical Parameters

Item Number 21533 21552 21551
Model HZT1250 HZT1800 HZT2500
Diameter of Applicable Reel (mm) Φ500~Φ1250 Φ500~Φ1800 Φ500~Φ2500
Maximum Weight of Reel (kg) 500 1500 1500
Dimensions (mm) 470×172×105 650×150×145 900×230×130
Weight of Single Piece (kg) 17 40 73.5

Using Method
Firstly, two platforms must be well placed on basis of the reel width. Secondly, the roller close to the slope needs to be locked. Thirdly, the position of roller should be adjusted in accordance with the reel diameter. Fourthly, the reel must be pushed to the platform along the slope. The final step is to relieve the locked roller, and then the reel is able to rotate.

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