Fiberglass Duct Rodder and Accessories

Our fiberglass duct rodder is basically applicable to the tube cable or fiber optic cable laying construction in the electric power telecommunication industry. It is constructed from rodder and small wheels. This product comes with nylon guide tip and nylon shackle on both ends with the terminal end threaded 12mm. In addition, this roller guide tip possesses the standard length of 100m.

This fiberglass duct rodder makes use of the FRP molding core material. Also, it is covered with special engineering plastics, featuring smooth surface, high strength, and strong weather resistance. Our product is classified as various types. The model CSP1 type adopts Φ11mm roller guide tip with the order number of 21421. The model CSP2 type utilizes the roller guide tip with its diameter of 13mm. Its order number is 21422. The CSP3 type product contains Φ15mm roller guide tip, and its order number is 21423. If other length is required, it had better be noted in the contract.

Technical Parameters

Fiberglass Duct Rodder

Item Number Model Diameter of Roller Guide Tip (mm)
21421 CSP1 Φ 11mm
21422 CSP2 Φ 13mm
21423 CSP3 Φ 15mm


Item Number Specifications Features Uses
21425 ZT25Cone-shaped guide tip Cone-shaped tip Φ25 Guide rodder through duct, the tip of model Z25 with hole, applicable to pullback connect pulling rope.
21426 ZT40Cone-shaped guide tip Cone-shaped tip Φ40
21427 DXL60 guide roller Circumcircle Φ60 Guide rodder through swerve and level end of duct.
21428 NC mud basket Close valve Φ60 To clean mud and other small thing
21429 XZM12N swivel joint Outer diameter Φ25 Connect the rodder
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