Ratchet Cable Cutter

This ratchet cable cutter is an ideal product that can cut off aluminum, copper, electric power or communication cable.

Technical Parameters

Item Number 21441 21442 21440
Model XLJ-95A XLJ30 J130
Suitable Cable Cable ≤Φ95 Cable ≤Φ50 Cable ≤Φ130
Dimensions (mm) 480×250×50 120×100×240 520×320×70
Weight (kg) 5.5 1 7.5
Feature Flexible handle Flexible handle

Item Number 21443 21444 21439
Model XLJ240 XLJ240J J13
Suitable Cable Cable ≤Φ95 copper aluminum conductor≤240 mm2 Low carbon steel rod ≤Φ8mm ≤LGJ720 ≤LGJ150
Dimensions (mm) 400×120×50 400×120×50 350×120×45
Weight (kg) 2.7 2.5 1.5
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